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Increase in cyber attacks that tackle websites’ weak spots

New research has revealed how cyber attacks on websites and online services are getting more and more sophisticated.

Software company Arbor Networks has said that attacks which target websites deliberately by overloading them with traffic are on the increase.

Known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, they focus on identifying weak areas of a website's functionality.

Darren Antsee, Chief Security technologist at software company Arbor Networks which produces an annual survey of internet service providers, told BBC News that the 'big jump' in more sophisticated DDoS raids targeted specific areas of a website which were more easily overwhelmed.

According to the research, more than 200 of the reported attacks in 2015 summoned 100 gigabits per second of traffic with the largest being 500 gigabits per second which is enough to disrupt an entire internet services provider network.

John Graham-Cumming, Chief Technology officer at DDoS protection service Cloudflare told BBC News:

"If you know that, say, on an e-commerce website, adding something to the basket takes a long time, what we'll see is attackers doing that over and over again to consume resources."

To read more about this story, visit the BBC News website. To find out more about cyber crime and how Peter Lole Insurance Brokers can help mitigate against the risks to businesses, click here.


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