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Helping policyholders during the severe winter weather

As the UK continues in the grip of some of the worst winter weather for many years, our insurance teams are here to help.

Whether you hold business or personal insurance, our account managers can provide support and advice on key elements of your policy in the event of a claim or just as a preventative measure.

Despite being on the cusp of Spring, here's some helpful advice about what to think about during this unpredictable cold spell.

Keep up to date
The Met Office's website has up to date weather warnings with free alerts by phone, text or email for properties or businesses in England or Wales.

Cold weather driving
There's plenty of advice on the RAC website for cold weather driving. Remember the acronym FORCES - Fuel, Oil, Rubber, Coolant, Electrics, Screenwash.

Guidance for employers in winter months
Acas - help and advice for employers and employees - has lots of useful information about travel disruption and bad weather, from closures to working temperatures and planning ahead.

The Health and Safety Executive has some useful advice on icy conditions and gritting.


Call: +44 (0)1628 532613

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