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Cyber insurance can protect businesses against the costs associated with a cyber breach, covering your own losses, the cost of claims and investigations, financial crime and fraud and property damage.

In today’s IT driven world cyber incidents are hitting the national news headlines more frequently. Insurance against it provides appropriate protection for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses are at risk if:

  • it holds customer or employee data such a names, addresses, bank details, passport copies etc.
  • it uses computers to operate
  • it has a website it takes payment via card
  • it stores data in the cloud or relies on cloud-based services
  • it makes electronic payments

While businesses may take necessary precautions, they’re seldom prepared for a major cyber-security event. Comprehensive, but flexible, cyber cover can include protection against:

  • Data breaches – where personal or commercial information (electronic or otherwise) is accessed without authorisation
  • Security failure – a hacker exploits weaknesses in security systems, leaving businesses exposed
  • Cyber attacks – any digital attack against businesses
  • Extortion – criminals holding systems or data to ransom or threatening to publish information
  • Human error – mistakes made by staff or suppliers that result in a data breach or system outage
  • Business interruption – covering the loss of income following a cyber attack
  • GDPR – covering liabilities and the cost of defending regulatory investigations after an alleged breach of data protection legislation
  • Reputational damage – includes PR and crisis management support, and covers lost revenue or customers
  • Financial crime and fraud – the use of the internet to deceive employees, customers or suppliers into transferring money or goods
  • Property damage – physical damage to equipment or property resulting from a cyber attack
  • Dependent business interruption – covering lost revenue or increased costs incurred if a supplier’s systems are taken offline by a cyber incident
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Call: +44 (0)1628 532613

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